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Innovate Heritage is excited to announce its next conference and artistic event at the Università di Catanzaro „Magna Graecia“, Italy.

a new economic paradigm for a complex social map

Based out of the Department of Law, Economics and Sociology at the University of Catanzaro, Italy, this two-day conference will explore and probe the important relationships and overlaps of heritage, contemporary arts and practices of sharing on the background of the present urban condition. The conference will focus on dilemmas, issues and effects of cultural commons, looking specifically at protocols, values, norms and collective actions. Particular focus will be placed on the role of creative actions and emerging forms of cooperation in preserving and engendering cultural value, while cross-breeding tradition and innovation.

Call for Artists & Young Researchers
Deadline for submissions: July 31st, 2019


2019 IH Publication „Art & Economics in the City“

The 2016 Innovate Heritage Conference Proceedings has been published! Find out more

Art and Economics in the City: New Cultural Maps

Authors: Irene Litardi, Lavinia Pastore, Valeria Morea, Tom Rankin, Clarissa Pelino, Domenica Moscato, Ottavio Amaro, Marina Tornatora, Arthur Clay, Monika Rut, Lia Fassari, Federica Antonucci, Lidia Errante, Verena Lenna, Michele Trimarchi



Innovate Heritage 2016 „Art & The City: New Cultural Maps“

27th-28th of October 2016 at the School of Architecture, Mediterranea University.


The University of Reggio Calabria, Italy, is hosting the first satellite edition of Innovate Heritage!

The two-day workshop „Art & The City: New Cultural Maps“ explores intuitions, approaches, views and actions from different perspectives and cultures, facing questions and dilemmas related to heritage management and governance in multi-cultural urban and metropolitan frameworks.

The discussion will focus upon the radical change affecting society and the economy, and transforming the cultural paradigm from a competitive and dimensional struggle into a participative and synergic challenge, with new needs to cross-fertilise tradition and innovation.

Economists, urbanists, jurists, architects, philosophers and artists will perform an intensive and nonprejudicial exchange aimed at crafting sharp questions and drawing credible trails to our future, in the awareness of the growing importance of art and culture in social dynamics.

download the programme


Innovate Heritage Conference|Arts Event 2018

Making Now: Intersections between Contemporary Arts and Heritage

Innovate Heritage 2018 Conference+Lab, originally scheduled for 2016, has been postponed due to funding. The second Innovate Heritage conference will now take place in 2018. The Arts&Heritage Lab, a new addition to the conference/arts event, consists of an artist residency as well as an Heritage&Creativity study course. Currently Innovate Heritage is developing international partnerships and securing funding in order to realize the conference.

Interested international partners are encouraged to contact us. If you would like updates including the Open Call or opportunities to be involved in organising, please sign up for our Newsletter and also make sure to follow us on facebook.


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